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Being Shy at Uni
Holly describes what it was like to start out at university as an introvert who managed to integrate socially and see her personality in a positive light
Coping with the Pressure Cooker
Hermione explains how she overloaded herself with several extracurricular commitments on top of her course in second year and how she got over the panic...
Dealing with the Newfound Freedom: Money and Course Choices
Dylan explains how as an eager 18 year old let off the parental leash he went on an interesting learning curve in terms of finances and course decisions
Going With Your Gut: Applying to University
Charlotte explains why she found it important to express herself honestly in her personal statement, and to go with instinct when looking at unis
Life After Uni
Yes, there is one! Emily describes the elation of getting her results, the sadness of leaving and adapting to the graduate job search after four months of travelling
Living Abroad: My First Term as an International Student
Chris takes us on his journey from India to the UK, where he began a whole new life as an international student with a very small bathroom ...
Nightclubs - Student 'Entertainment'
Max tells us why nightclubs make him feel Kind of Blue...
Removing a Not Very Vital Organ Under Local Anaesthetic: My University Education
Matt explains why some of his degree seemed "like a background bit of fridge noise" due to the over-emphasis on generic skills and poor approaches to teaching
Studying with Dyslexia and Dyspraxia
Sian had wondered why, despite understanding everything and studying hard, certain aspects of her work were still a struggle ...
The Career - Subject Choice Crossroads
James explains how, despite wanting to go into acting from a young age, he was encouraged to study Law by his career-fearing parents. Defying them and studying Theatre Studies, he found the future often has a way of not following the original plan anyway...
The Theory - Practice Divide in Academia
Helena explains how as a student of Gender and International Development she was at first confused and frustrated by the level of theoretical problematising, but came to appreciate the ability to critique institutions, including that of academia itself
Uni as a Transformative Experience: The Great Myth
Grace explains that whilst many people buy into the idea of university fundamentally changing who they are, she didn't find it personally earth-shattering...