Subject: Economics
Student status: International Finalist from Malaysia
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Of course first of all it's my flatmates, they were very helpful and I've got some friends from China as well, so we are sort of in the same shoes. We went to socials in the student union, some pub quizzes, drink what we can with our flatmates, and that's when I learn what a pub quiz is and stuff like that. Definitely from there I know how the nightlife is all about here, especially because I'm at a university campus, so technically everything is there, not all over the city. I learnt more about that.

Of course, during my academic hours I met a lot of people, not just British, also from Europe and such. They were very, very friendly and I was very happy to actually be able to meet all kinds of people from all walks of life. Yeah, I've talked to them and listened to different stories. When I actually … especially the Europeans, when I actually know that they are actually in the same shoes where they are not aware of British stuff and that, it has giving me the confidence to actually go outside and just meet more people, learn more things.

Of course when I first came here I found out about the Malaysian Society, which is quite massive compared to the other universities but I felt that joining the Malaysian Society has actually encouraged me to be more open so that I am more comfortable with my home countrymen.  

After that I got involved with organising events which has allowed me to actually meet more people in the student union, for instance, like booking places and meeting the student officers to voice some problems about the Malaysian Society.

That has actually allowed me to do more communication with all sorts of people from all different levels within the student union or in the Art Centre, to book venues for performances, for instance. That has also encouraged me to learn and develop more of my interpersonal skills, in that sense.