Natasha talks about finding her History degree too general for getting a lot of jobs
Chapter details: Natasha has found when job searching that many employers ask for specific qualifications relating to the role, so she feels she needs to acquire experience in addition to her degree
Subject: History
Student status: Home, Graduate
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I don’t know I always knew it was going to be one that was quite vague. I think when I first went to do it everyone was really like ‘Wow History, that’s a good one it gets you a really good job’ or it’s meant to be something like the most popular choice for employers is History because it’s got all these skills that you get from it and makes you really accessible to employers bla bla bla. I feel the one thing I would say is now that I’ve actually come to look for jobs because it is so general, you know OK yeah it opens you up to doing anything, you’re not like boxed in but at the same time you need to have like so much else to go with it because it’s almost too general. It’s so vague that you’re like one person and there’s a million other people like you who all have like their vague degrees and so it’s hard, especially with business I’ve found a lot of jobs they want like and the media ones as well they’re starting to want things like media studies, business studies. Then you’re just the History degree so like I say it’s kind of working for and against you, which I think I’m a bit more aware of now than I was before.