Subject: Consumer Behaviour & Marketing
Student status: Home, 2nd Year
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In the future the job I can see myself doing is being a manager of some kind of firm because obviously I know that I'm not just going to walk into a job and get a manager's role, I'm well aware of that.  But I'm very independent and I like to set my own goals and work off my own bat and university has made me realise that.  And I think I will go into a job and to know that I can work my way up and become a manager and get the position that I want, obviously I will do that.  And I think that's where I'll head to and that's what I'll go for. Because I think knowing that you can work your way up is very rewarding because you're working towards something.  I always like to work towards something, I don't want to feel like I'm working and it's getting me nowhere and so obviously that will be good. 

If I do finally get a position where I'm a manager I think it will be very challenging again and I think it will be really rewarding because you're in control of everyone else and you're advising everyone else, that's where I would like to see myself.  And I think university helps you realise what direction you want to go in and what role within an organisation you want to take on. So that's where I can see myself.

In what ways do you feel your degree will affect your future?

I think my degree will definitely have a big effect on my future because again it opens paths and often I've gone for interviews for work experience and they've said oh human behaviour, that applies to everyday life and they've been very interested in it. And I've been able to talk openly about what I've learnt and often they're very fascinated by what I can reproduce of what I've learnt and teach them.

I think it will influence my future because I feel that it gives me an aspect where I can add to every kind of job.  I can always add something to a job and I'm a bit knowledgeable about how people work and why people work and how people get motivated.  And I think it opens a lot of paths for me and I think that's always useful.  People are very interested in it and especially because it's a bachelor of science and so people are very interested in that aspect. So I think it's opened up a lot of paths for me.  So yeah, that's how I think it will influence my future.