Linda talks about settling in to the uni environment
Chapter details: Linda realised that she had started to settle in when she missed her uni friends over the Christmas holidays and got involved in campus life in first year
Subject: English Literature and Philosophy
Student status: Home, Graduate
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It's hard to know when you've settled in as such because you know you can settle into a room quite easily, you spend I don't know a couple of weeks there, it can feel actually a lot longer.  But to settle into a university environment that's a lot harder to measure.  I think it was when we came back to university having been away for the Christmas holidays and I realised how much I missed everybody because actually when I went home for the Christmas holidays whilst it was great seeing my friends at home I felt like I missed everybody.  I lived in a hall which was really big, I lived on a corridor with over 30 people, all very sociable, and so when I was at home I felt quite lonely only living you know with my parents and my siblings.  And so I think it was when I got back from the Christmas holidays and we were all very exciting to see each other and catch up and go out together and that's when I think I realised I had settled in in one sense. 

But it was probably more the summer term where I felt I had settled in in a broader sense to the university environment, not just to the hall environment but to the university environment.  Because I had become more involved in volunteering in student groups, I felt like the campus was somewhere I really belonged. When you show people round and so if you have parents or friends visiting from home and you're showing them round and you're showing them the bits of your life at university I think that can also help you realise that you've settled in.