Subject: French
Student status: Home, Finalist
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At the beginning, at the Freshers' Fair, you join all of the clubs and societies. I remember giving 12 quid to the skydiving society and they never got back to me. I'm still naffed off about that but I joined jiu jitsu and did that for a whole year. That was just really weird, actually, I don't know why I did that but I just wanted to join something. Just loads of people who want to be in The Matrix who just really can't be in The Matrix. If you look at me you'll know why I shouldn't do jiu jitsu, weak as hell.

Anyway, I did try and get involved but it was for the reasons, it was to try and be involved and I wasn't. I dropped out, I went to Paris and then when I got back from Paris I was actually raring to go. I felt more awake, I wanted to get involved in things, not just because I thought I should but because I actually wanted to. I had a friend who worked for the union, so through her as well, she was a fourth year, so I only met her because she'd hung around, we were the same year. You suddenly find yourself, 'Oh I've got to make loads of new friends, all my friends have graduated.'

Yeah I did get involved, I volunteered quite a bit. Just generally some of the healthy eating campaigns, just getting out on the campus and just feeling like, 'Yeah this is my uni, I'm here, I'm going to do something.' Friends of mine involved and got involved in the radio station here and just reading the newspaper at the uni, I'd never really read it. Just feeling more genuinely part of thus university and being more aware of making the most of it because I guess also I was aware that I only had a year left.

But I do feel like, 'God if only I'd got more involved at the beginning and not just been satisfied with the friends that I'd made that lived next door and really seen what was out there.' I really do feel that's a little bit of a regret, there's so many things to get involved in. I didn't really give it a good go but oh well, apart from jiu jitsu but that was just random. I didn't think about what societies I really wanted to be involved in, I just thought, 'Oh yeah, let's do something random.' It didn't really work out.

So just generally that whole reality side of Paris, the real world, it just totally woke me up from that dormant, not really consciously thinking about things. I guess it's that, it's just growing up, isn't it, and being like, 'Yeah I want to do this' being more assertive, being more confident and what you want, saying, 'It's ok not to want that. That was a mistake, don't want that again.'