Subject: English Literature and Philosophy
Student status: Home, Graduate
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I think probably even before I came to university I had this general sense that I wanted to be involved in charity work or NGO that kind of thing.  And that hasn't really changed to be honest it's just got more I guess narrow, it's got more specific. I still want to work in that area but I've got a better idea of what kind of roles I want to have. 

I think I would either want to have a role where I'm campaigning or a place in education that's because those are the two things that I've really enjoyed.  When I've been volunteering I've enjoyed campaigning, I've enjoyed doing workshops and training people, I love training people. And that has been really nice this year actually is realising I have an aptitude for training other people, for supporting other people.  That's made me think about teaching as well but I think that would come later on.  Most of the kind of different futures that I imagine for myself do fit in with how I saw myself before they're just a bit more specific.

Okay and have you got these futures in a frame at the moment, what kind of steps are you thinking of doing to move from where you are now to whatever it is you're going to do next?

Well since I've graduated I've wanted to have a year or two to sort of do different things that would allow me to explore what kind of future I want to have.  And so this year is a prime example that's given me an opportunity to experience different projects and different ways of working.  Obviously I'm applying for jobs teaching English aboard so that I can get a really good idea of do I actually want to work abroad or is it just I like the idea of it.  Making it a reality and seeing how I kind of cope with it and seeing how I develop out there.  And so that is my kind of initial ways of finding out which future role I will end up in.  But I'm not too worried about planning it too much I feel like there are different directions to go in but I can't determine it too much its just going to happen. At the moment it's about having different experiences reflecting on those and moving forward.