Ameer talks about how he learnt the value of research and planning
Chapter details: Ameer explains how he found it important to carry out background research from a variety of sources and to carefully plan his project work
Subject: Chemistry
Student status: Home, Finalist
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I guess I've become more appreciative of how people apply chemistry to the outside world especially from my work experience and also I think throughout that course it's taught me the value of researching and planning so for example in the first six months to eight months of the degree I was a bit laid back in terms of how to appreciate the actual course but as the second year came by, it kind of clicked in my brain that you know, I had to become more proactive rather than reactive and that's not just related to the degree, it's related to everyday situations whether be you're carrying out a project; whether you're carrying out a simple task which is I don't know, cooking for example.

You have to have a plan of action and you have to carry out a lot of background research – that's something that I've started to do from the second year, carried out a lot of background research prior to carrying out my task so and something else which I didn't appreciate in the beginning was the amount of sources where you can obtain information. I personally thought you could only go to the library to get all your information and that was it but I found out that you can also get more or less the same information but in a different format on the internet through journals, articles, websites so if anything I was grateful for the amount of information that was available to me during my course.

So yeah, those are the two things that I've learnt from that course and something that will … those are the two things that will also carry on after the degree so yeah, this degree is not just academic in my opinion. It also teaches you the skills for life in my opinion. I guess any other degree does that as well but chemistry I can relate to a lot so I suppose, if, going back to the research bit, a lot of research needs to be carried out especially in a scientific field and when you've got experiments, whether it be human experiments whether it be animal experiments, you have to consider what consequences there may be if there's anything that goes wrong so having carried out, before carrying out testing again you have to look at what planning you have to do and what research you have to carry out. I mean that could be applied to any walks of life whether it be journalism, history, geography, even mathematics. Research and planning, that's the key thing.