Subject: History
Student status: Home, Graduate
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That's really been the theme of all my career aspirations have just been randomly stumbled upon something and thought 'Actually I could do that, that's a good idea' and then follow that one.

Then when that falls through then actually until something else comes along but it's never been that I've had one idea and followed it all the way through. It's just been a bit random and a bit of a mixed bunch really and I say to people 'I'm trying for that paramedic course' and they say 'Didn't you do a History degree?' and yes, hard to explain my actual reasoning behind all this but it's something that will sort itself out eventually.

You talked quite a lot there about random ideas coming along and there's a sense that a random idea comes along and you kind of catch hold of it perhaps, could you say a little bit about what it is that makes you want to catch hold of a random idea that comes along?

It's really just I like to do something that's different from everyone else, I suppose the one this is, at university I was with a lot of people who had similar ideas and they all come and did the traditional thing I suppose, go to university and do the graduate job and this sort of thing and then never really been motivated for that job or life. I always try and be a little bit different so I think it's just personality difference, really, I don't think career should just necessarily be just one normal straight line up there, there's no problem with dotting around and doing different things. It's all about trying to get as much experience as possible rather than gaining salary and position so that's it really, that's why.