Nina talks about learning how to present her experience to employers
Chapter details: Nina wanted to side-step into a different industry when looking for a second job and realised that she could apply her skills more broadly to other areas
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Subject: German and Spanish
Student status: Home, Graduate
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At the time when I was doing the first job I didn't at first think it would, I thought, 'I've got myself into a bit of a narrow alley here, I can either just stay in exhibitions …' It seemed really hard to side-step and when I was applying for jobs, I wasn't getting responses, I was getting rejections because I hadn't already got the experience. I thought, 'How are you supposed to get the experience if you want to side-step?' I thought, 'Am I only ever going to be able to stay in this industry because this is where I have experience?'

Then I looked at my job without that literal application element and thought, 'Ok actually I can really use this because I've done different things in the job.' There was a marketing element, customer services, sales, which I definitely wanted to drop but had that experience, translation, networking element, written element, having to communicate, the languages element, that sort of thing. I thought, 'That's quite a lot covered, the bases I've covered. That can be used in different areas.' Also I had different trade fairs that I had to coordinate at the same time so that project … my role was Project Coordinator so I could say, 'I know how to deal with projects, I know how to deal with different timelines and having different things going on all at the same time.' I learnt how to package that a bit better.

In the job I'm in now I'm using my research skills, I'm able to be creative and I'm doing stuff to do with web development and I'm going to be attending conferences, doing presentations at conferences, so it really contributes to the future a lot because I've got all this stuff I can put forward. It doesn't have to be a literal application, I can see that now, it can go into other areas as long as I know how to put it forward properly, which I'm getting a better handle on. That's another reason why I feel more confident about my future because I've got these things behind me which I know I can present well and I know they are going to be impressive.