Lucy talks about how her experience as an international student impacts on her art
Chapter details: Lucy explains how having been through the cultural and academic process of being an international student has fuelled her interest in exploring the different ways people cope and communicate, which she incorporates into her artwork
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Subject: Fine Art
Student status: International Graduate from USA
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Through going through this whole process – the academic and cultural process, something that I've become really interested in, and I think this theme is within the actual process of creating art, is how people process information and cope with things. Their coping mechanisms of everyday life, I think one of the powers of people who create work that is their one ability to communicate in a way that's not …they can express something that maybe they don't know how to or don't feel comfortable expressing in words. So I think that always, my work always goes back to that,  is exploring the ways in which people cope with things.

A lot of my work deals with … I kind of have two threads in my work. I do drawing and small scale sculpture and I also work with text and sound recorded words, you know, people talking. So I think there is the more instinctual part of my work that I can't, that I just sort of make and see what comes out of that. I just kind of produce and produce and produce and hope that eventually a theme will surface and then there's the work which explores language and how people use language. Why they say what they say. That sort of thing so I think what, I think the experience of studying here filters in through my work, which is just exploring the problems of communication and the benefits of communication, that sort of thing.