Subject: Philosophy
Student status: Home, Graduate
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Have you used your subject since graduating?

Yes and no.  The content, if you like, the actual subject matter not at all only in my own personal time where I have enjoyed reading philosophy text books but I would say more the transferable skills like developing good arguments while I have been sat in meetings.  It's really important to put across your point well not just to sit there and say 'But this is what I think' but to say 'This is what I think and why.'  And that is certainly something that I learned to do while I was studying Philosophy, how to explain yourself well and how to put a point across and to appreciate somebody else's point of view as well.  It's not just about sitting there and appreciating where you are coming from. 

Philosophy really stops you from being narrow-minded and so you can appreciate where other people come from. It may still be that you think you are right at the end of the day but it's about understanding that different people have different viewpoints and why they have those view points.  So I have used quite a lot of the transferable skills I would say.