Subject: Philosophy
Student status: Home, Graduate
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I got quite involved outside of my degree while I was at university.  I think to start off with it was to make friends, to get to know as many people as possible and then as I went on through university it became partly about getting things down onto my CV as well as just pushing myself in other areas to see what else I could do outside of my degree. 

So to start off with I got involved in the Drama Society and also the hockey club and with the drama society it was great. I did all different sorts of roles and I directed a play in my second year and I did a lot of backstage work as well.  I loved it and it was a really great social life as well as it was with the hockey. 

But then I also worked with the British Red Cross on a volunteering project where I went into local schools and facilitated citizenship projects which was really interesting. I really enjoyed that and I had to be fully trained by the Red Cross and so that was a real challenge and to work with 15 sixteen year olds can be quite difficult as well. 

So it was great to have that challenge and I was also an Education Rep where I represented students at faculty level.  So I sat on the faculty board for teaching and learning and that was quite a challenge as well and it was quite daunting to walk into a room full of academics and to sit down and try to be credible as a student in what I was saying.  I loved it but it was quite scary at the same time