Subject: English Literature and Italian
Student status: Home, Finalist
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In first year I didn't actually join any clubs or societies really. All the socialising I did was with my friends either on my course or in my halls.  But it was very socialable; I found living in halls extremely socialable particularly as I was fully catered so it meant that I would have breakfast, lunch and dinner with everyone in my halls three times a day, so it was a really great way to meet people.  Also, our halls organised events every week, we'd go out into town, into the students union all the time so I was going out a lot whereas as the years went on I think I went out clubbing and things less, but was just as socialable, doing things with friends, more low key. 

In my second year I joined the mountaineering society because I had felt that I had kind of wasted the opportunities in my first year so I felt I should get involved with that. So it was really good, it was something I had never done before.  So I got to go climbing up climbing walls and things and we did a few weekends away, and that was a great way to make new friends as well. I also, I did join this in my first year, the university newspaper but I got more involved in my second year. So I think in the first year I just got all the partying out of my system (laughs) really, because it was properly my first time away from home so it was just, that was what I wanted to do but then I realised that there were so many things to do at university I really wanted to make the most of the opportunities so I decided to get more involved. 

In my third year I spent abroad, so when I came back to university in my fourth year a lot of my friends had graduated, my housemates had graduated, so I was a bit worried to start with because I only had a handful of friends and it was a bit like starting university again but I just really threw myself into getting involved with more things, I started a ballet class, which was really fun, meeting new people as well. 

But I also found in my final year I made more friends with people on my course.  Before it had been people I had met in halls, and their friends or friends.  So it's been really nice this year to get to know people on my course better because they've been in a similar situation if they've been studying a language as well, they're coming back in their final year and a lot of their friends have gone. So we've had a great time this year getting to know each other better and enjoying the Erasmus society as well which is the European exchange system, so it's been a really good year. 

Final year has just been study, study, study, but I have made time to do all these new things, I think that's been really important, so I've had just as much of a fun year this year as I had in my first year I think.