Subject: Philosophy
Student status: Home, Graduate
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I have never known what career I want to go into and where I sort of saw myself.  I was always convinced that one day I would get married and have kids and that would be when I left my career and I knew I would be a stay at home Mum but as time went on at university particularly during my 3rd year and the year since I have graduated I have enjoyed the challenges so much that I think I would find now not having a career or something extra would be quite difficult and it would be quite challenging to be a stay at home Mum and so that has changed my perspective. 

Other than that I haven't really had any ideas of what sort of career I wanted to go into apart from since I have left university and I have been doing this job and I have really enjoyed how much its pushed me. So I think now I would aim a lot higher in my career aspirations whereas before I would have been quite happy to settle for something that may in comparison have been a bit easier and certainly just a 9 -5 job that I was quite settled and quite happy in. I think now I would aim for something that would push me a lot harder, where I might have to put in extra hours or there would be times I would be under pressure and so I think its changed my career aspirations in that way.

Can you say any more about the different futures you envisage for yourself now?

I think now I am more open to different ideas in that I have recently done some work experience in a law firm and I have managed to secure myself a job over the summer as a research assistant. So I feel I am more open to ideas and its almost as if I could be anywhere. Before I very much saw myself settled in one area with a job and that I would be very likely to go home to be close to my family but since leaving I feel much more open to different jobs, to be in different places and to just accept different things I think.