Pauline talks about going to uni purely to learn
Chapter details: Pauline found it important to study a subject she enjoyed and to go to university in order to learn more academically, rather than using it as a career tool
Subject: Theology
Student status: Home, Graduate
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Well the reason I went to university was not because I wanted to get a particular job, I went to university because I was interested in what I chose to study and I went to university to learn and so I don't regret that. I know lots of people who've done a degree that they wanted to do and then decided they can't get a job with it, a good enough job. So they've done law conversion courses and hated the subject because they're not interested in it but they're just doing it because they want to get money at the end of it, which is not really, when I went to university that didn't seem to me to be the purpose of university.   

Can you tell me a bit more about the sort of process you went through to make the decision to go to university?

Yes, well what I really wanted to do was to study Art but then I sort of quite liked to do academic subjects first. I felt that the amount of essay writing that you're doing at A Levels was quite a good platform to start doing an essay-writing subject at university, rather than doing maybe Art first  and then going back to writing. So that's the reason I chose the particular subject – I chose to do Theology first – was just because I thought it was quite a sensible and logical way to go about studying. The reason I went to university was simply because I didn't feel I was ready to leave education because I didn't think I'd learnt enough yet, academically, so that's why I went to university.