Subject: Investment Management
Student status: International Finalist from Thailand
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I feel like  … because I talk to my friends quite often. I talk to my mum often, I talk to my dad, I talk to my boyfriend. I quite update them about what I've been doing and they quite update me about what they've been doing and then what's going on in Thailand and also. Actually a lot of my friends we're more, even closer to them before, because when we live apart it's more like we talk more, like how do you feel, how are you, are you ok right now or when we was in Thailand we don't really ask how are you doing, it's just like meet each other and do activities together.  But then when we are further away from each other we talk more about the feelings and then how, what they've been doing and then what they've been through and stuff like that, yeah. 

Ok, and what has it been like for you to be away from your boyfriend for that long?

Yeah.  (laughs)  Yeah, at first it was quite difficult because of the time difference and also because when I was in Thailand I was, we met each other almost every day and yeah, being here it's quite different and we need to adjust a bit but later, when we know, when we know how to talk to each other when, and we, I think we are doing ok.  He came to visit two times so it's not that bad.  I think, I feel like it's one thing if we can get through it, it helps build our relationship, although we have been long distance and then we know how to adjust ourself and then we know that, even though we are away from each other, we can still talk to each other, our relationship is still as the same. So we feel like yeah, if we can get through this then it should be ok, yeah.