Subject: Theology
Student status: Home, Graduate
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I was quite short-term, really, because I didn't necessarily know what discipline was going to take me because I was just doing a Foundation course, but by the middle of my foundation course I decided on doing illustration. I think I would like, I know that I work well to briefs and deadline because if I don't have them and I don't really do the work, which is a problem, so illustration seemed to be the right discipline for me. 

When I was at university studying theology, I did a lot of posters and things for friends' plays and that sort of thing and I really enjoyed doing that, so posters and that kind of thing, I would have liked to do and a bit of story writing and illustrating books or words or poems or things like that, I would quite like to do.  So I thought about that and then I think lots of students probably have this feeling that, if in doubt, you could always be a teacher, but I don't think I could cope with the staff room so I'm putting it off at the moment.   

But are all those other possibilities that you just mentioned still possible futures that you imagine for yourself now?

Yes they are but the problem I have at the moment is having time and having discipline, because having a full-time job is quite difficult to fit in the time to do other things but, and I was in situations where I wasn't comfortable. I wasn't in a comfortable living environment and didn't have the space at home to do the work but I've recently moved house, got lots of room to start working and so now it's just up to me to think of something to do and to get on with it.  So definitely, I mean, I can be more positive about things now because I'm happier.  

I think I'm going to try and get involved in more things and I've got some friends who are at art school and enjoying it, which is different from me, and they're doing all sorts of things and doing posters for bands and bits and bobs like that. Last year I did a poster for a community project in Camden so I got paid for that, it wasn't a particularly huge amount because it was for a charity, but, you know, it's possible and I enjoyed doing it.

So I don't know whether it's something that I necessarily couldn't imagine at the moment being, getting all my bread money from, I still have to stick with my job I suppose. But I think it's important to know that you can do these things if you want to, and earn a little bit of money from doing something you enjoy and then do it enough, you can build up a portfolio and perhaps take it off to somebody who might be interested.  But at the moment I've just had to get used to the fact that I'm in an environment where I can work; I can actually start thinking about collecting some work together and taking it from there, but prior to sort of a month ago I hadn't felt like that so I definitely feel more positive than I did.