Pauline talks about her changing perceptions of careers
Chapter details: Pauline makes the distinction that a career for her would be an occupation she enjoys and can work her way up in whereas at the moment she feels she's doing a job just to pay the bills
Subject: Theology
Student status: Home, Graduate
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Well I used to have this board game called Careers when I was little, and you, to do the best you had to go through this university bit first and you collect all these points and then like one of the careers you could have was like medicine.  Another one was uranium expedition.  Another one you could fly to the moon and you get lots of fame and money from that and the farming one, you got a lot of happiness but not a lot of money and there was one going to sea, so I don't know.  But my sister's a dentist. 

I think it's just, I don't really know, a career is more than just a job, I think, and at the moment I've just got a job.  I think to have a career has to be a bit more than just a job that you're doing because you need the money to pay your bills and rent. I think a career to me seems to be more of a vocation, something that you really sort of enjoy doing and there's a path and you can work your way up on it and that kind of thing.  Whereas at the moment I don't think, there's not much, people always say I haven't really got many career prospects in my current job and I think what that means is that I can't really go up from there.   

So is a career something that you still imagine for yourself; something that you still aspire to?

I suppose so but I don't, at the moment I don't really, I don't think I ever really had a definite direction as such and I don't really have one now so I'm not sure. I know that I don't want to be doing what I'm doing but I don't know what I want to do.   

Have your ideas about careers changed over time?

I think it's harder than I thought it was to get a job and do something that you actually like. I think my mother always tried to point this out to me, that she didn't like her work and that sometimes you just have to have a job, whereas my father is a boat builder. He used to work in a bank and he hated it and so he did what he wanted to do which was make boats and he's made a career for himself like that. So he's had a really different, like, he has a different point of view about it. He thinks if there's something you want to do you should do it and you can do it. 

I think I'm sometimes a bit  like my mother because I don't think I know what I want to do, so I just have to do something and until I can think of something I really want to do I wouldn't imagine that I could really get a career as such because I don't kno2 what I'd do it in. Also it's quite difficult to think about what I do want to do and I know that I'm doing something I don't want to do but I've got to do it, so it's quite a quandary really.