Subject: German and French
Student status: Home, Finalist
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Did you make friends with German people?

Yeah. It was a mixture, really, I made friends with the people in my office and you know people knew people who knew people. It kind of split I met some Australians, I've got lots of American friends, I've got some British ones, people who did my course and I randomly met out there which was really strange. I've got some German friends as well, some of the best friends that I made out there are German. I met people from France and various different places and so people from all over the world really. It was really good to meet lots of different people and sort of see their experiences and hear about their lives and so you don't just hear about your own experiences you hear about lots of different things as well and so it was really good.

How did you go about getting to know people?

Well I made friends initially with the people who I worked with because there were two other English interns who I worked with during my time there.  And then they knew people and they wanted to do various different things and they sort of dragged me along and said 'Oh come and meet this person, I'm going to do this tonight.'  And I said 'Well yeah, fine' and then they introduced me to different people and then they invite you to things and you meet other people. 

I think with the year abroad and I think with university generally my rule was just don't say no to some extent but definitely you know within your limits.  If you think it's a good idea then go for it.  And that's definitely the thing I applied on my year abroad if you've got a good thing to do and you really want to do it then just go for it really and you know I had a great time. As I said earlier you've go to really throw yourself into it and make the most of it, otherwise you're just going to be miserable.  And I do know people who have done that and it's not through their own fault they just didn't have a good time for whatever reason.  But you know you have got to really throw yourself a hundred per cent into it and it will all work out in the end hopefully.