Subject: History
Student status: Home, Graduate
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How did you find mixing with students on a bigger campus and everything is on a much bigger scale?

I loved it and I met really lovely people, I made some nice friends and all much much younger than me. It was quite interesting because I did it over a part time I sometimes see the same students for a couple of years and then they would graduate and then by the time I was doing my third year I met the same students again for two years and then I graduated with them.

So when I did actually graduate I did know a select circle of people because of the courses I had picked and the way the degree worked out and it was really refreshing to work alongside what I would call the youngsters. There were more mature people on the course but 90% of the courses I seemed to pick were 20 year olds and I loved it

How did you establish the relationship with the younger students, was there anything in particular that you found you related to in them or was it more related to the course that you were doing?  How did you establish the friendship groups with younger students?

It's all about the course.  It's not about who I am.  It's not that I am somebody's mother or daughter or wife, it's all about the course.  When you go in and you sit down and you are asked to do something and you have a different set of knowledge or the same set of knowledge as them and they just see you and talk to you as another student.  There was never any dividing line.

The only funny things that cropped up was cultural references that mine were so much broader than theirs and I was shocked at the gaps in their knowledge and utterly impressed by how bright some of them were.  Some things, I remember we had a girl who couldn't put a day in a certain century and I was horrified that she hadn't heard of that person and she didn't even know when they were born even within 500 years.

Likewise some of the young kids coming up, the ones that went on to get very good degrees, were so bright that I was blown away by how good they were.  I think it's all about the subject.  I don't even remember talking that much about myself personally or my home life.  And I loved talking about theirs, I loved listening to the girls talk about their boyfriends and what they were doing, their home life etc.  So yes I really enjoyed all of that.