Subject: French and Spanish
Student status: Home, Graduate
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A lot of it was very generic, this kind of awareness, that education is now becoming a process, in a lot of ways an economic process where people are paying for their studies, so there has to be sort of certain outcomes, I think education or universities should be about personal development, about people being given the information and then taking the information and taking of that what they will.

A lot of these courses I found that there were set outcomes, you will be able to talk in a group and you will be able to do team work and you will be able to write your own essay and you will be able to write an essay plan. It just becomes very generic and stilted and people just churning out these graduates that are going to have these certain skills which I suppose is necessary now because employers are looking for these skills. But I think you can learn those skills anyway, and I think university should have been a time for personal intellectual and academic development and I think in a lot of cases I don't think it was.

Did you feel that there was still a component about that at all or that it had been subsidised.

It was there, there are people who were teaching the courses, who obviously they were quite passionate about it and the way they put their course across was very good but you got the sense that a lot of them felt they had to do this. It was required by the university, whoever it is who is funding the courses from government or I don't know, the university, they had to be, we weren't just there to mess about there had to be some kind of assessment and not only that it had to be directed in a certain kind of way.