Subject: Fine Art
Student status: Home, Finalist
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I've always been really, really adamant that I wasn't going to drop out, it's never been an option for me. I said my parents never put me under pressure but it's almost like I owe them, I'm not going to do a year and then just give up halfway through. So I realised very quickly that maybe this wasn't, not the right course for me, it just wasn't the right place for me. As I said, I developed a lot more independent study and I'm able to sit on my own whereas before I got very easily distracted, before I wouldn't have been able to sit still for more than about five minutes without somebody telling me to.

Also I get to do a lot of things that maybe because they're quite big ideas and the staff maybe would encourage you not to do something so ridiculous but because you don't really end up talking to them about them you just do it and nobody really says anything so that's quite cool. I suppose it's mainly the self-motivation which I think is the most important thing.

Did that change between or in particular years that you were here?

I think in the first year I didn't really do much work. I don't think many people do a lot of work in the first year. I mainly enjoyed myself and did the bare minimum, I think. I think that by the second year I realised that it was serious and unlike other courses as well my course did count for my final grade this year, so 10% in the first year and 10% in the second year. I realised, 'OK you've really got to take this seriously, you can't just scrape through.'

It was viewing it as a whole rather than just the first, second and third year. I suppose in terms of my view changing it was like, 'Ok well this is what you've got, you've just got to stick with it, deal with it, make the best of it.' Obviously as the years carried on, as I said, first year I didn't really do anything and then second year got harder and now the third year's the hardest but I think that's the direction it's supposed to go in.