Rosa talks about enjoying doing her final year art exhibition
Chapter details: Rosa explains that she is proud to be a Fine Art student and gained a great sense of achievement from being able to exhibit her work
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Subject: Fine Art
Student status: Home, Finalist
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Fine Art, I think is a really … when I do tell people, I do feel proud. I enjoy talking about it with people. Especially now I'm finishing, I've got my exhibition coming up, I'm just inviting everybody I've known from London and from here, I'm like, 'Please come to my exhibition, this is the culmination of all my work for these three years, this is like your dissertation or something but so much more interesting and fun, come and look.' Me encouraging people to … almost forcing people and organising for people to come and look is a sign of how much I enjoy the actual subject itself.

Can you tell me about some of the highs you've experienced, some of the best points you've experienced while you've been studying?

I think the best parts are when, in this department, whereas I know a lot of other students who go to other art departments, from the Foundation, people went everywhere to carry on studying and I know in this department they don't do an exhibition every year, only the finalists do an exhibition. You do, at the end of the year, you do always come to a conclusion. It doesn't necessarily mean that your work is finished, you could carry on but the way you present it is as an entire piece, for a reason.

I think the best bits are when you actually see it all come together in an exhibition space. We've always had to set up an exhibition, it just hasn't really been open to the public, it's just been open for the examiners to view. I do mainly sculptural work but seeing your work there and when people walk past it and they stop and look at it for a minute, that's the most exciting part.

Showing things to my friends and getting positive responses, I think, which I think is quite different from any other subject. None of my other friends from Maths would go, 'Oh look, I done this really amazing work-out, admire it' you don't really get that from another subject whereas getting a response is exactly what Art is about. Even if I suppose they hated it, luckily I haven't had that yet, it's important in that subject. I think the responses and the reactions are the prime time.