Rosa talks about losing interest in Art in her second year
Chapter details: Rosa had a slump in second year because she started to get itchy feet but managed to focus on her work again by talking about art with her dad and realising that the distractions of first year weren't as fun anymore
Subject: Fine Art
Student status: Home, Finalist
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In my Foundation course I really, really was excited by Art and I know in the second year I had this dull … it was like I lost interest but that happens when you've been doing something for a year and a half, halfway you're like, 'God this is so boring, I just need to do something else.' I get itchy feet and I just want to start a new project halfway through finishing an old one. My view hasn't changed of it, I still really, really enjoy it but I don't know, maybe just at times, yeah definitely, my focus has wavered.

It's definitely back on track now. I've found in this last year I've been more dedicated than I ever have been, not just more dedicated. Maybe because of that I've been enjoying it a lot more and I do think that maybe if I'd done that from the beginning I actually would have enjoyed the course a lot more than trying to avoid it in some ways, and avoid the workload but you learn those things.

How did you get out of that slump in the second year and become more dedicated?

My project was really, at that point, was just really quite boring. In the art department you don't get given a project or get given a task, you literally do whatever you want. The thing I'd chosen, either because of the department or not talking to people or because of myself, it just really stagnated. I wasn't having any more ideas and what I seemed to be producing was just rubbish, it didn't really have any reason or sense. I don't know, because I wasn't enjoying it I was avoiding it even more but obviously the work was packing up and that was all stressing me out quite a lot.

I think eventually it just came from talking, especially with my dad because although he doesn't work in Art or anything he really, really enjoys art and so talking to him about it and not taking his ideas but talking through ideas and actually coming up with something I enjoyed. Also the fact that all my friends were just working their arses off and the fun that maybe I was having in the first year wasn't as fun anymore because everybody else was working really hard. I was like, 'It's not as fun when you're just trying to do it on your own.' So I realised that, 'Either just give up, don't bother doing it or do it properly.' I think that worked in the end.