Rosa talks about problems with inspiration
Chapter details: Rosa found it difficult sometimes to feel inspired and produce new art but found that the best way to come up with ideas was to make herself work and think things over
Subject: Fine Art
Student status: Home, Finalist
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I always have a problem with inspiration, all the time. As I said there's always times where your ideas just seem to dry up or what you seem to do is not at all like you thought it would be or planned it to be. The more you work the more you get inspired which is what I think I lost in the second year because I wasn't working as much, I wasn't having ideas, I wasn't thinking about things like that. The less and less I thought about it the less and less work I had to produce.

The best thing to do, although at first it might feel like you're just really, really forcing your work, and I'm sure it goes with every subject, if you're writing an essay, if you just ignore it and ignore it and don't think about it, nothing's going to come of it. Even though at the beginning it might feel that you're just forcing the words onto the page and nothing seems to be making sense. At least just having it, thinking about it and to always have it in your mind it's ticking over and really you are making sense of it. It's better than ignoring it because ignoring it just doesn't … although it's so much more enjoyable, it just doesn't solve anything at all.