Subject: Applied Business IT
Student status: Home, Finalist
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I think as far as personal skills go, I've always worked since I was kind of 14, had a weekend job, worked for a large building merchants for four years all over the place so I had that communication skills, all the normal skills you pick up or do at school sort of thing, written skills, communication skills blah blah blah, but definitely going out on a placement year kind of – especially in a big corporation, I can't comment on what it would be like in a smaller company, but certainly in a big corporation it gives you an idea and I certainly took away from it the way you need to act around different people.  

You get more of a different idea about how it works, the power hierarchy and those sort of things and how you address different people and how you maybe approach people initially, so going into the office for the first few days is really different the way I spoke to people then than it was towards the end of my placement.  It taught me the best ways to get respect from different people.

One of the most interesting things I actually did on my placement year was something called an insights course. You were basically graded using different colours on your personality and what sort of personality you were and they gave you back a report saying this is your personality, this is how you work best, this is how you should interact with your opposites and all that sort of thing. That was really interesting, to see how more of the communication towards people than how the business worked I think. I think personally I took away how to interact with people more just in general and the best ways to identify what sort of person I was talking to and how to interact with them.