Subject: Applied Business IT
Student status: Home, Finalist
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There was an overlap between the old students of the previous year and my year and the guy I was taking over from happened to be staying on – I started in July and he happened to be staying on until the end of September, so for four months his approach was that he'd just keep doing his job until he left, which personally was the wrong approach and not the way I handled the handover when I left. 

Because he kept all his work I was very, very, very bored for the first three months.  It got to the point where I said 'Look, if you can't give me any work then I'm going to leave.' I was really hating the first three months. Not because it was a rubbish place to be or because people were talking to me in a such a way or anything like that, it was just because when I'd applied I thought it was going to be straight in there, hands on from day one, getting on with the job and I could choose to do loads of different things. I felt I was being kind of held back for the first three months. 

That summer, the first three months I pretty much really hated it, but as soon as this guy left and I started getting given responsibilities my attitude completely changed, I was really enjoying it. Similarly to – well I don't know if it's just life in general or coming to university, but when you get presented with an opportunity and it's the same on placement year, if someone says to you do you want to do this, do you want to get involved with this, my attitude was yeah, sure, I'll do it. Even if I thought well am I going to be able to do this or is it a bit above me, I just said yeah, I'll do it.

An example would be I took over for one of the major projects, a global project, I took over from one of the senior managers or that global project.  That was a lot of pressure, not just to deliver the project on time and correctly, but also because I had all these people that were below the senior manager that had worked for the company for years or who knew loads, then looking at me who was a student and that kind of – that was quite a nervous time for me, but I really enjoyed the experience and having done it well – certainly by the end of it I didn't want to leave I think.