Jasmine talks about skills she gained from her part time job
Chapter details: Jasmine explains how her part time job in a call centre enhanced her communication skills and ability to take on responsibility, which she feels will help her get a job after graduation
Subject: Philosophy
Student status: Home, Finalist
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It taught me that having that level of responsibility was quite nice and it taught me like the importance – I think when I go to have a job I won't find it too difficult to keep to the rules because obviously they are there for a reason and it emphasised that quite nicely. 

Just even having the confidence as well to be able to speak to the people on the phone, I mean you have no idea who they are, they are calling in and sometimes you can get in quite difficult situations especially because you are dealing with private medical details and things like that. Sometimes people do get a bit irate on the phone and just being able to know how to deal with difficult situations was a really good experience.

So you just mentioned there that you feel that will help you in a job, you understand why certain rules are there; how confident would you feel taking these skills to an employer, do you feel they contribute to your future?

Yes definitely. Partly because I have built up such a relationship with my employer because I have worked there for the duration of the past two years and I know that they know me really well. I know because it's the kind of job where you get a lot of feedback I know they know what I can do well and I know they have given me a fair appraisal.

So that gives me confidence if I go to an employer and they do want to get a reference of me I have got two years worth of experience behind me and also I have been quite fortunate that the job that I have done, because it gives you a range of skills that you wouldn't get say working in a bar or something like that.  I feel it can be applied to quite a lot of different jobs because there are so many aspects to it because I have experience with admin as in just putting the documents together themselves and replying to the emails which is a different kind of correspondence, talking on the phone, all sorts of different things.

So I think it definitely means I have a wider scope for applying for jobs and even if I wouldn't necessarily get them, even if I know it's a bit of a gamble, I don't think 'Oh well there is no point.' At least I can have a go and I have got things to say about myself rather than I have just got a degree or potentially got a degree.  I think it adds something else that maybe not necessarily all students would have at the end of a degree as well.