Subject: Engineering
Student status: International Finalist from Sri Lanka
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I think an Engineering degree's very important and it doesn't necessarily have to be Engineering degree, one thing I've learned in the financial sector as well, they prefer engineers over people who study Finance specifically because they want people who think outside the box. If someone thinks Engineering will narrow it down just for doing Engineering, it so doesn't, it gives you more broad options and you get preference over a person who's studying Finance because they understand the degree's more difficult and you're more analytically-minded, the way you break down problems.

A degree in Engineering I thought was one of the best choices I made when I took my degree. It's obviously important for you to add the business aspect of it and broaden your knowledge within your … because you get to pick the modules you want to study so you should make sure that you cover a wide range in that. In that way my degree's helped me with my job prospects where I could go from finance to engineering and my range is not limited to just doing civil engineering on just bridges or structures.