Subject: Swedish and French
Student status: Home, Graduate
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I later found out that translation is really a hard industry to get into, to try and get your foot into.  You have to try and make your own way to some extent, i.e. having to become a freelance translator, just in order to get some experience to put down on your CV and get your foot in the door somewhere.

Swedish, obviously most Swedes speak English, so they do look at me as if I'm an idiot, thinking why are you learning our language, we can speak English.  There's not really that much of a high demand for translators from Swedish to English. 

I mean if you have a culture that you've learnt and the language that you've learnt, but that culture has told you you're stupid for having done so, then there's really not a lot of value placed on that language – not even by the people who speak it.

So have your feelings about the subjects changed over time?


How did you feel about them before?

I thought they would be very lucrative, as everybody does – we all want to come out of uni with a job and we all like to think we'll get there in the end and do what we want to do, but obviously with the current economic climate as well things are not really going my way at the moment.

So before you started the degree you felt it would be?

I felt it would be like a secure industry to go into because a lot of people were always saying oh there's a lot of money in translation, people will always need people with language skills, but I've struggled so far to find anywhere that requires language skills.

What have you been doing since graduation?

Well I had a part time job during my final year at uni so I just went full time in that job to try and get my feet on the ground and to try and pay off a few naughty debts and stuff like that, which I managed to do.  I stayed on in the job I was in for another year after I graduated and I was working – I still work in the bookmakers, not the most glamorous of jobs ever, and certainly not a job that I expected to be doing right up until now, but obviously with everything gone tits up as it were (laughter), it's becoming a bit harder to find anything.

I do quite a lot of internet searches for jobs, I don't go to the Job Centre because it's too far away, I use sites like Reed and Multi-Language Specialists and Language Matters and all these sorts of sites, but really there doesn't seem to be a lot on offer.