Subject: History of Art
Student status: Home, Mature Graduate
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Depth, I think, is the one word that I would give you as an explanation but with a little more amplification, perhaps. I've always been a very broad brush person. I'm interested in breadth of ideas rather than knowing more and more about less and less. There's a tendency in academia in my mind about wanting to know more and more about less and less. I found that in order for me to get the grades that I wanted to get, my expectations of what was required of me had to change and so I had to become smarter at getting more depth into my arguments, being more interpretative about what I was reading, drawing my own conclusions, offering my own ideas and backing it up with sound argument, to an extent that I hadn't had to do in the second year and certainly didn't do in the first year. So less bullshit more pith I think is the difference. And I had to make an effort to achieve that and as I said before I had to realise that that was what was expected of me because nobody told me that that was what was expected of me.