Roz talks about regretting not doing a law conversion course after her undergrad degree
Chapter details: Roz doesn't regret having studied English Literature at undergrad level but thinks that following it up with a Humanities PhD has been a massive drag factor in getting a job afterwards
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Subject: English Literature
Student status: Home, Graduate
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I've been thinking about this a lot because obviously, 27 and unemployed and I've just finished a PhD and I'm, I think, partly unemployable because of my PhD. It is a big drag factor, especially for non-specialised jobs, nobody wants to hire somebody who has a PhD, because they assume that you'll leave and I probably would. I don't regret doing my undergrad, I guess because you can … once you've done an undergrad you can always just do a conversion course, it's a year long, it's not a huge amount more money, it probably works out at about 12 grand actually but compared to what you'd be earning afterwards it is kind of worth it. 

I feel a bit disgusting, actually, making it sounds like this pragmatic, rational economic decision but if you are weighing it up like that, say you are the kind that goes on and works in Price Waterhouse Cooper when you're 23 or 24 or whatever, working a 15 hour day crunching those numbers then you do care about shit like that. No I don't really regret doing my undergrad because I think English Lit … you do get transferable skills, I hate myself for saying that, it's disgusting, you do get transferable skills and you can … this is actually, this is disgusting too but it is a bit respected. People think English Lit's a proper subject. It's bullshit but there's a suggestion that it is and so people do take you a bit more seriously if you've got a degree in a proper subject. I don't know but … so no, I don't regret doing English, I just do regret not doing a Law conversion or something afterwards.