Subject: English Literature
Student status: Home, Graduate
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There's something about applying for graduate schemes and shit and filling in forms that demands a degree of  … I suppose self-reflection/self-importance that is a bit … again it kind of makes me want to be sick on my own shoes. You know what I mean, right? Anyway! 

How have you managed to deal with this way of having to put yourself forward on applications?

I haven't really, I haven't got a job [laughs]. I don't know, I really can't answer that, I'm just hoping that it's a bit of a work in progress. I suppose there's a degree of disassociation. I've been told that the best way to deal with it just to imagine that you're not yourself and you're playing a part and all the rest of it, I'm sure that's a really, really good approach and a really productive approach except that I've never been very good at acting, ever and that's problematic. I wish I was a bit more theatrical, actually. If you'd done a Cook Report-style interview I could have waved my hands a bit more [laughs].

I'm sorry.

Oh no it's fine but yeah I'm told that there's an element of playing a role and having to accept that you're just playing a role but I think that way … I don't just mean to invoke Laing and all the rest of it when I say this but it seems to me that there's a deliberate fragmentation of the self at the very early stages of the job interview, seems a fast track to a nervous breakdown/institutionalisation.