Usman talks about drawing on different resources and areas of knowledge from outside his course
Chapter details: Usman describes the independent research on the internet and from colleagues in industry that he does in order to supplement and expand on the knowledge that he receives from his course
Subject: Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Student status: International 4th Year from Pakistan
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I'm also taking help from many people from the other places as well because I have to make my way because if not from the university side I have to make it my own way because I have to study because if I'm having the source of the tools available and the softwares available then I should make the most out of it, even if the instructors are not delivering or there's not many students good with those tools then I have to go out and search for the things, like internet or many friends in the other places where many tutorials or video trainings of the softwares will share with me and then I'm doing that. 

You feel like you're having to gain your skills and your knowledge from a lot of different places, not just the course?

Yeah not just the course.

Again, was that something that you were expecting or are you having to do a lot more than you thought you would in terms of getting stuff from other places?

Not a lot of stuff, just if for a software understanding, mostly I am asking for the video trainings which are available to the guys who are already in the industry and who are sitting at the high places in the industry places because they have access to the industrial trainings or training manuals or anything like that but if they are going to share with me, it will help me in the designing of my new things.