Subject: Politics and Law
Student status: Home, 3rd Year
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How about other aspects socially in terms of people you met when you came to uni and the people you lived with, how did it work in terms of meeting people, making friends, that sort of thing?

Yeah that was great actually because I was quite happy to be exposed to so many different people here at university before I wouldn't have met back at my old school especially as I went to a German school in the UK. I was never exposed to UK society on a daily basis even though I was living in the UK which is a bit sick, actually, spending all your time with people who are not from the country and you feel like it's normal. Speaking German nearly the entire day. Coming here to the university and finally seeing Britain a bit more, I really, really enjoyed that. It's easy to make friends at uni, there's so many social events, they're just everywhere and people are a lot more open. It's not like if you're on the tube in London you're going to meet anyone and make friends with them whereas on campus you just bump into people again here and there, you've got parties going on, so I think it's quite easy to make friends at uni.

With that, having to get used to being around people who weren't German all the time, was that a period where that was strange or difficult at all? How did you manage to adjust to that, because that was quite a big change for you.

Culturally in a way yes but I wanted that change because I needed it, I'd been in this country for so long but in a way closed off, not because I necessarily wanted to but just the circumstances if you're in a school and that's your context, you have to make a real effort to break out of that context and this was just a great chance. Definitely there were cultural differences but nothing huge, no, it was fine.