Verena talks about how she feels going to uni has benefited her
Chapter details: Verena believes that going to university helped her to think more deeply, follow her interests and have far greater career prospects than if she hadn't have gone
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Subject: Politics and Law
Student status: Home, 3rd Year
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I think university has given me the opportunity to be a person that I couldn't have been had I not come here, definitely that was just an opportunity for me to discover what I want and what's out there. It's maybe not really summarising it but that's what I feel. Had I not gone to uni there's so many things I wouldn't even be thinking about because I couldn't because I just wouldn't have the possibility to think about these things because I wouldn't have a degree to back all this up. Yeah. 

So if you try to imagine a parallel universe you who didn't go to uni, how do you think you'd be, what sort of things do you think you'd be doing and thinking about, what do you think your personality would be like?

There are many alternatives to uni, don't get me wrong, that are probably also solid and interesting and whatever but I don't know, the other thing that I would maybe enjoy is working with horses for example, that would have been something I could have done without going to uni and I think I might have actually really enjoyed. I hope I wouldn't be waitressing or working in retail because that's just … that's a possibility obviously because you have to earn a living and seeing friends who didn't go to uni who are now doing stuff like that and I just … it's a choice but I do pity them, in  away, because I think they could have done so much more, not only achieving more the way society expects you to achieve something but actually to achieve something that they think is interesting because they're far too complex to just be folding clothes or serving pizza the entire day.

Yeah so I think that uni gives you the opportunity to maybe follow your interests. Obviously you always have to compromise but not going to uni … I don't know, no, it just doesn't seem an option., of course there are other things but let's say the extreme example of working in retail, for example, I think that doesn't really help you to evolve as a person that much. Maybe I'm wrong, I don't know but that's the feeling I have at the moment, I'm quite happy I made this choice.