Warren talks about how working hard at building up a presence on Twitter has benefited him
Chapter details: Warren feels that Twitter has led him to more events, opportunities and interesting people than facebook has, and that it was therefore worth working a bit harder to become part of its online community
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Facebook is popular because people use it and people use it because it's popular. If you had to pick a social network to join you'd wanna join the one that all your friends were on so that's why facebook just grows and grows and grows and grows and shows no sign of stopping because at the end of the day there isn't really a big alternative, you'd go, your friends are there, it's self-fulfilling. Twitter hasn't quite reached that stage yet so if you join it, not necessarily any of your friends may use it so you join it and have to work hard to find your feet, I'm sure that maybe in time it will maybe reach the ubiquity of facebook, who knows. I think you have to work a lot harder which is why a lot of students think 'Well I don't really see the point for me.' I think it tends to attract more IT and Media-related students than perhaps English students.

Yeah I'd agree with that.

They get different things out of it but I'd say it's a lot harder for students to break into but when they do break into it, it can be very rewarding, I've had opportunities to go to places that I would never have been before and speak to people I've never spoken to before through Twitter. None of that's ever happened through facebook, facebook's never presented me with an opportunity, it's always been being invited to this event happened through Twitter. That kind of thing's never gonna happen through facebook, you can't really compare them. I think students in time will see how Twitter could benefit them but it's a very difficult process if you're not supported by an already established group of people.