Sebastian talks about how he uses Twitter to help with studying
Chapter details: Sebastian follows certain topics relevant to his course using hashtags on Twitter and has used it to meet up with people studying the same subject
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I've met a few people through it, I met you through it. Yeah, it's just you can put a hashtag in for your module and if anyone else comments using that hashtag you can see other people that you're studying with and then you can do and see them after a lecture and make friends with them in real life as well as on Twitter. So that can be quite useful when you can get near instant help like if you're stuck in a module and someone is following that hashtag, if you use that hashtag they might be able to help you with it or you can go study together or something.

Have there been any other positive events or opportunities that have come up for you on any other general social networking sites or digital identities?

No it's only really been through Twitter.