Sebastian talks about changing his email addresses to reflect a better self-image
Chapter details: Sebastian explains that when he was younger he made a zany email address which embarrasses him now; he has therefore made new accounts with more professional-sounding names
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When I first made one I was quite young and so quite immature really and I made a really random one which I wouldn't reveal to anyone now. I just don't use it anymore either, I've migrated to one which contains my name and some other things that uniquely identify me so it seems more professional in some ways but it's also more logical to not just have some random words jumbled together that might form an email address. There are things that personally I use Google for mine, I've used Hotmail as well but I wouldn't really look into others because those have been perfect for what I've wanted them for.

What sort of things were you looking for when you were choosing which account to have? Does it make a difference?

Ease of access mostly, really, because I want it sent to my phone as well, I'd like that to be instant and then for it to be both the same thing happen on my phone and on my inbox where if certain providers, they're not really that popular now at all, would only effect on whichever device you're looking on, so it would still be unread somewhere else.

Does having a certain account with a certain provider do anything to your digital identity? Are there certain that are particularly reputable in some way or aren't good?

There are some comics out there who say what your provider says about you so if it's … you can say if you've got your own personal website and you have your own email address at that personal website that says you're quite capable of … that implies you're quite capable of setting up your own email address in your own domain but again there are some which are completely obscure and you think 'How … why did they do that?'