Warren and Jenny talk about the advantages and disadvantages of funny email addresses
Chapter details: Warren thinks that funny email addresses are a massive turn-off for serious companies looking at CVs whilst Jenny points out that a man made money out of an email address pun on Microsoft
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When I was in school a friend of mine, it always sticks in my head, the first part of his email address was wuggawuggarichardbranson. Which in itself, it sticks in my mind now because it was such a ridiculous thing to put but you would never dream of putting that on your CV, if you're hired for a job at a Fortune 500 company and you put on your CV that that happens to be your email address, you're not going to get taken seriously.

Did you hear about that guy, sorry to interrupt you, but his name was Mike and then he had RowSoft and Microsoft bought it from him, it was that good a pun [laughs].