Warren talks about preferring simple, serious email addresses
Chapter details: Warren thinks that having long, complicated, difficult to remember or outlandish email addresses create a bad impression and prefers to keep his short and innocuous
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I think what you pick as your email address is more important these days than who provides it, it's what falls before the @, if you like, that defines how important … if you can get a provider to allow you to just be your name @ their service.com. If you have to be your.name.your date of birth bla bla bla combination of numbers_this and blabla@hotmail.co.uk that's not so cool. It's not so memorable for a start, people can't remember large amounts of information like that, it won't look good on the  business card, it certainly wouldn't look good on the CV so I think wherever you can get the most succinct name and whatever falling before the @, whether that's your own domain or whatever, that's what's most important.