Warren talks about finding some email signatures pretentious
Chapter details: Warren finds it unnecessary to include all your qualifications, work information, confidentiality disclaimers and postal address in personal emails
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You mentioned something else there about an email signature so do you all have signatures that come up on emails? I feel like such a philistine talking to all of you because all this stuff I've only just started to discover, 'Ooh I can make that happen!' You mentioned that you have one for your professional emails, is that an address of your work place or is there anything else? I know that some people put quirky quotations from Einstein and things like that in there.

Signatures, depending on who you are, can be seen as quite pretentious or quite informative. I think there are some people who I receive emails from occasionally and I would say that their signatures are pretentious.

Why's that?

It will be their name, all their letters after their name, every single one of them, their full address, then their website perhaps and any contact numbers and then a disclosure statement at the end and so before you know it if you're just responding to a quick email going 'Yeah see you at 5' which is one line, all of the email more or less is taken up by their signature