Warren talks about how his digital identity has helped him do things he otherwise couldn't have
Chapter details: Warren feels that networking online has allowed him to do things and meet people he couldn't otherwise have known about had it not been for being able to get himself out there to such a wide audience; he feels that having an online presence can be a major advantage as long as it's managed properly
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My digital identity has given me some amazing opportunities, I've found friends, accommodation, study advice, a whole range of things that I would never have had before or certainly not as easily, perhaps. Managing it can be difficult from time to time and certainly posed some interesting questions but I would say that as a prospective student, or anybody, really, I would say that having a digital identity is nothing to be scared of, it's definitely something to embrace and can be really, really rewarding if you're careful with it. Yeah I don't, as I say, I'm immensely proud of what I've managed to achieve so far and I think provided I keep applying the same logic as I have been it will help me further.